Sunday, August 26, 2018

Magic of 3s

With the start of a new school year and teaching a new grade, I am closing this chapter with my Connected Ones.  I have a new blog with third grade adventures called The Magic of Threes.  Pop on by and give us a visit at

Year End Slideshow

Thank you for an amazing year filled with learning and great memories.  Enjoy a slideshow of some of our highlights!

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

MS Support

Thank you to everyone that purchased shirts, wore orange, and/or came to the Saturday MS Walk.  I know Mrs. Wolverton and Ms. Frey could feel the love and support.  Eagle Cliffs is such a caring and supportive community of families.  I am so lucky to work at this amazing school.

Continuing the Journey West

Pack your bags, week two on the trail brought more challenges, team points, fate cards, learning, and tons of FUN!  Here is a recap of some of the highlights of our pioneer days.  Each day we researched an aspect of trail life by reading journal entries, looking at photographs, and reading articles.  We also had challenge that related to an obstacle on the trail.  For instance, we learned about a spring time growth called locoweed.  If oxen ate the weed, they very dizzy and ill.  Locoweed often delayed the journey in early spring.

Our related challenge was to do a dizzy relay race.  Students had to spin around three times with their head on a bat.  Then, they had to run to the other side of the field and find a plastic farm animal in the grass.  Teams got points based on the animals they were able to collect.  There were tons of giggles during this race.

We also learned about bartering. Of course, there was a bartering challenge.  Families had a list of goods.  As a family, they made a wish list.  They were given cards with certain goods.  They had to trade cards with other families to get as many items on their wish list.  We have some smooth talkers in the combo.

One more challenge to share...although I could go on and on.  In one journal entry, we read about problems that could happen with the wagon.

Since in this instance, the problem was with the tongue...our challenge used our tongues.  Students had to catch cheese balls with their tongues.  Families got points for each successful catch.

In addition to challenges, there were other learning activities.  Mrs. B, Eagle Cliffs' housekeeper, has a very "pioneer" hobby.  She spins wool!  She brought in several different wool samples, wool thread, and mittens made from the spun thread.  Mrs. B let the students comb out some of the wool.  It was fascinating.  So much work goes into one pair of mittens.

From a book and video on Epic, students learned the steps to making a yarn doll.  They had to review the steps several times to get it correct.  I loved seeing the teamwork.

All the reading, researching, and role playing the students did about life on the trail manifested into some amazing journal writing. I can share some on here but please check our your child's SeeSaw learning journal to hear more!

Our final day of the pioneer days was for pioneer games.  We celebrated all our learning in style.  Mrs. Shimamoto came in and mixed the ingredients for homemade root beer.  She also brought taffy for us to pull.  Yum!

While we waited for the root beer to brew, we went outside to play games.  We had several different contests: stick and hoop, three legged race, spoon and egg relay, sack races, and tug of war!  Look at the joy!

When we came inside, the root beer was ready.  Mrs. Jensen had also set up a penny candy store.  Students used their "winnings" from the different challenges and games to get pennies.  They then took their pennies to the store and bought candy.  It was a sweet ending to a perfect pioneer day.  Thank you to everyone that supported our learning this unit.